Did you know that there are a few "very important" issues that you should think through before adding a friend into your life?

If you are an animal lover, living with a dog will be one of the most important and beautiful decisions you will make in this life. We cannot imagine a life without dogs, who wake you up with great excitement in the morning and manage to make you smile even when you feel bad. However, we would like to remind you that no animal should ever be considered as a gift.

Owning a dog is often likened to having a child. No matter how different the size and shape of the job is, the responsibilities are more or less similar. Because this friend who is getting ready to enter our lives is not a plush toy. If you do not have the courage to fulfill the responsibilities of owning a dog and be patient, it is best not to enter this path at all.

to spare time

The answers you give to questions such as your profession, your home entry and exit times, the way you spend your time and your priorities are of great importance when adopting a dog.

When the friend you plan to adopt enters your life, even if you do not put him at the center of your life, you need to be able to fully meet his basic needs such as food, water, health care and toilet. Meeting the basic needs of a dog that will grow up “healthy” both physically and psychologically should be one of your first goals.

It's a matter of patience

We are sure that no one can say that the age we live in is very easy. Our anxieties, difficulties, financial difficulties or similar situations can naturally affect our psychology, taking away more and more of our patience and tolerance level every day.

Have you ever thought about how you would react if one of our beloved friends was added to the list of things you need to be patient with?

Let's continue by reminding that it is not a toy and it has a soul and character... Your dog may not always behave the way you want. Will you have the strength and time to deal with some of their fears, anxieties and traumas? Will you be able to patiently walk together in pursuit of his goal and possibility of becoming better? Or, when he does something you don't want, will you be able to face the situation calmly and maturely and act solution-oriented instead of yelling or scolding him?

Is it the right time?

We would love for you to live happily with your little friend whom you invited to be a part of your life. However, one of the facts you need to remember is whether it is the right time to include this pet in your life. Maybe your job requires you to travel a lot, or maybe there is someone in your home who is not suitable for living with a dog. In this regard, you should also consider your living conditions and family situations before owning a dog.

When you are not...

It is very important to have someone to whom you can entrust your cute friend when you have to go on a business trip or have important work to do. If you know that your mind will not be left behind, there will be no one happier than you. However, at this point, the relationship between you and your dog should not be at the point of "addiction". Of course, commitment is important in the dog-owner relationship, but it is not a healthy situation to remain dependent in a way that harms the psychology of both parties.

If you say, "I do not want a life without a dog and I take every responsibility," great! Even if you don't buy it but adopt it, great! :)